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Why Nordic Walk?

Nordic walking uses specifically designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience.  Although a very simple concept it’s important to learn the correct technique so you can get the most from your poles and experience all the health benefits Nordic walking has to offer. 

With the official INWA technique you will learn in 10 steps how to walk using ALL your muscles, both upper and lower extremities for a FULL BODY WORKOUT, and how to use your poles to propel you forward, making it easier to walk and lessening the impact in your joints.  You’ll be able to walk faster and longer and have fun doing it - so much easier and more social than running, yet burns almost as many calories. The health benefits are numerous and everyone can do it regardless of age or ability. Although easy to learn, they say it takes about 3 months to master.  With plenty of practise you will begin to  incorporate nordic walking into your way or life, experience improved posture, health and well being.

Do I need specific poles?

Yes, Nordic poles are very different from trekking poles as they have specially designed hand straps.  This strap attaches you to the pole, allowing you to push down through the strap, fully extend your arm, release the pole and swing forward, creating the dynamic move unique to Nordic Walking.  These poles tend to be fixed in size based on your height and preferably made of carbon which makes them super stiff and light for excellent swing weight and decreased vibration.  

As featured in the Guardian - Nordic walking weekends

Jane Dunford, travel editor of the Guardian came to stay at The hub for a fun weekend of  Nordic Walking and wrote this fantastic article featured in the Guardian 05 May 2021


Why not come and learn to Nordic Walk in the beautiful border hills in Herefordshire? Ali is a qualified British Nordic Walking instructor currently running classes in Kington, Herefordshire. Please contact Ali if you have any questions or are interested in joining any of the classes listed below. Classes are scheduled upon demand throughout the year.


"As a family we have just done an hour's introduction to Nordic walking. We had a fantastic time, it was fun, informative and Ali was great with the whole family. Looking forward to the other courses"August 29, 2018



19th & 20th August

Learn to Nordic Walk

Join us for 2 x 2 hour sessions to learn the full technique of Nordic Walking.  Rain or shine we'll meet at The Walking Hub in Kington and wander down to the wonderfully flat and grassy Recreation ground.  Here we'll look at posture and how we walk and then add in the poles, progressing step by step until we're all Nordic Walking.  It's going to be a lot of fun and I'd love to have you join us.  No experience necessary.  This is for everyone. All ages and abilities welcome.  Cost is £80pp including use of poles. Limit 12.  

For questions or to book call Ali 07756172160 or email thewalkinghub&


Meet at The Walking Hub



Not sure yet but want to know more?

An hour long fun and easy introduction to Nordic walking. A chance to try out the poles, learn the health benefits and see for yourself just how fun and beneficial Nordic walking can be. 

£10 p.p. with complimentary pole use

(Groups of 6-12) 


Ready to get stuck in?

Four weekly hour-long sessions (perfect for locals) to learn the INWA 10 step technique of Nordic walking.  Progress at a leisurely pace, introducing new steps each week until you have learned the full technique, leaving plenty of time to practice on your own in-between classes.

£60 p.p. with complimentary pole use

Groups of 6-12


Want to learn it all in one day?

A four-hour day course where you will learn the full technique and all 10 steps in one day.  Perfect for people with tight schedules and those who prefer to learn quickly.  Be prepared for a tiring day with lots of information. We usually take an hour for lunch. 

£100 p.p. with complimentary pole use

Groups of 4-6


Something special in mind?

Why not have Ali to yourself, so individual needs can me met more thoroughly?  Or do you have a group of people with special requirements?  Ali is happy to discuss any possibility. 

1:1 is £40 per hour.


Feeling social and need to get outdoors?

Grab your poles and join Ali for a Nordic walk.

Must have attended a learn to nordic walk class

£10 per walk 


Needing to get away and have a longer break?

Come and stay for 2 nights at The Walking Hub and have 4 hours of Nordic Walking Instruction included. Use of poles, breakfast and one evening meal included.

£260pp. Minimum 2 people with groups of up to 6 


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