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Welcome to my blog.  With so many things to write about, where do I start?...What am I most passionate about?... Easy - feet!

Feet are our foundation. Yet what do we know about them and what kind of attention do we give to our feet? Our feet are amazingly complex structures containing 26 bones, 33 joints and a complicated network of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and proprioceptors that communicate with the rest of our body.  They support us, cushion us and are what makes us uniquely human, allowing us to walk upright.  We may not be the fastest mammals, but our feet are perfectly designed for walking and even running, especially long distances.  Research has convincing evidence that our feet are in part responsible for our evolution to the top of the food chain allowing us to run down and hunt mammals to exhaustion. 

Unfortunately modern footwear has allowed us to get complacent about our feet, buying into the belief that our feet need extra cushioning and support.  Most modern shoes squish our toes so they can't spread out, and heels that push us forward and out of balance.  No longer grounded, and with extra cushioning we can no longer read the ground with our feet causing us to walk differently resulting in injury and weak feet.

If your interested watch the below video because it explains why we all might want to reevaluate what we are wearing on our feet and rediscover what our feet are capable of. 


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